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 Meet the UN-MASK. 

The UN-MASK allows you to feel normal again! 

Breathe again. Smile again. Connect again!

Let's be honest — wearing a mask is the worst!!! That said, we understand that safety comes first. The UN-MASK is unlike any other. It is the most comfortable mask that you will ever wear. Say goodbye to headaches, dizziness, heavy chest, dry throat, cotton mouth, maskne, sore ears, head-fog... you get the idea! The UN-MASK will give you a reason to smile!

Key Features:

  • See through
  • Protective
  • Fog-resistent
  • Breathable
  • Adjustable
  • Reusable
  • Easily cleanable


SIZING: The UN-MASK is available in two sizes: Child and adult. The child/youth size will fit most kids ages 3-18. The adult size is a little taller and wraps around the cheeks a little more. The adult size will fit most anyone 16 or over. Keep in mind that the knot in the ear straps can be adjusted to customize the fit of whichever size you order.