The Unmaskable UN-MASK (Product) is mass produced and so imperfections may be present. The Product is sold, and thus accepted as-is with any, and all, imperfections that may exist. 
The Unmaskable parent company LUPEN Strategies LLC does not accept any liability for an individual contracting or spreading any bacterial, viral or any other type of infectious diseases while wearing the product. The Product is not intended to function as personal protective equipment nor is it intended to be a replacement for a medical-grade mask. It may not protect an individual from inhaling toxic or infectious aerosol matter or from contracting Covid-19; however, it has been designed to limit the travel and transfer of bodily fluids and respiratory droplets expelled through the nose and mouth through speaking, sneezing, coughing, etc.  Despite meeting the requirements of many institutions and governmental mask mandates, the Product may not be approved to wear in some environments (i.e. It is not designed to be worn in medical, surgical or other highly sterile environments).